Anonymous said: Selfie??

oh man i posted one ages ago if you want here but maybe ill post a new one soon

yuikimuras said: top 5 books? :)

thanks for asking<3

  • clockwork prince
  • the maze runner
  • the fault in our stars
  • the hunger games
  • percy jackson

ask me for my top 5 anything

clalfin said: top 5 places to hide a dead body
  • holly’s backyard
  • holly’s room
  • holly’s living room
  • holly’s bathroom
  • holly’s closet

bye holly im not even answering the rest

clalfin said: top 5 hollys
  • not you
  • still not you
  • definitely not you
  • maybe youll be the last one
  • nope still not you

that was fun (youre still crazy)

ask me for my top 5 anything (but for real not like holly shes crazy)

clalfin said: top 5 sex positions


weasleyburrow said: top 5 tv shows? :)

thanks for asking lovelyyy

  • grey’s anatomy
  • teen wolf
  • arrow
  • the 100
  • game of thrones

ask me for my top 5 anything